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's infrastructure this without adding to the nation's debt. >> it's not a bigger government we need but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in wide growth. >> reporter: president obama says his main priority is growing the economy. in the audience apple ceo kim cook. the president called on congress to revent billions of the dollars in cuts scheduled to take place on march 1st. with jobs, services and the nation on the line, residents turn out to protest. >> it hurt -- hurts me deeply when they have to play politics with the nation's lives. >>> the president announced 34,000 troops will withdraw from afghanistan by this time next year. that puts the u.s. on track to end the war by the end of 2014. reporting live in washington, jaqueline fell, ktvu news. >>> the republicans chose marco rubio. he is considered the new face of the party with latino backgrounds and humble beginnings. >> it isn't bestowed on us from washington it comes from a vibrant free economy where people can risk their own money to open a business. >> reporter: rubio criticized the president's plan for tax inc
into more government spending. our infrastructure is decomposing. we need to build up these sectors." during the presidential address, the white house will provide an enhanced version of the speech with charts and other information as the president speaks. it's available at whitehouse.gov\sotu, for "state of the union." a panel discussion at the same website will follow the speech. passengers who were stuck on the ocean in a carnival cruise ship are heading home. carnival's triumph was adrift in the gulf of mexico sunday and monday following an engine fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. back on shore, traders are closely watching the stock. "a couple of retail players in the option world in carnival have recently put on a bearsish put spread, where they are looking for the stock to move down to the $35, $34 level by april expiration. if the stock cannot break through this resistance area of $39, that probably is the last stop for carnival.' scott bauer of trading advantage also points out carnival stock caught a strong wind from investors over the past year and also rallied in the wake of th
of bank of america to discuss the state the big picture goals for how -- housing. the government said repeal laws to help consumers. government said there is a limit to how much we can spend to going out that the state has eliminated redevelopment agency. the forum was hosted by uc b erkeley. >> people in new orleans are entering the finer phase of the huge party god party. >> celebration includes parades and bands and floats and marching streets. that tuesday is a time for excess that mardi gras is over at the stroke of midnight. followed by ash wednesday start of lent which lasts 40 days and in a time of fasting and reflection for many christians. >> here the bay area people celebrating mardi gras at a free concert in the fillmore district. village project say this is a continued 100-year tradition in music and the fillmore. >> we are not trying to compete with new orleans but we have started this trend seven years ago and now and now we have@little bit of everybody celebrating mardi gras now. >> the masquerade ball the schedule tonight at the west bay conference center with live m
's expected to call for more government investment in education and infrastructure while also acknowledging the need to reduce the deficit with new taxes and budget cuts. the white house also says his top priorities are the same as they have been, creating jobs and growing the middle class. >>> apple ceo tim cook is one of the invited guests. he's expected to watch the state of the union with the first lady. last year she was joined by steve jobs' widow. the first lady has also invited military families and victims of gun violence. our live coverage of the state of the union starts at 6 p.m. following ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. then at 7:30 we'll break down the president's speech and gop response with our political analyst. >>> temperatures are trending upward, but how high will they climb tomorrow? >> robbers hold up a local bank, the latest on the there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of
up. the government is accusing s&p of cheating investors out of billions of dollars by issuing high credit ratings on bonds tied to risky mortgages. in a statement, mcgraw hill says: "claims that s&p deliberately kept ratings high when it knew they should be lower are simply not true." boeing continues traveling through turbulence with its dreamliners. the ntsb's investigation into the troubled jet is now reportedly focusing on tiny fiber-like formations that can form inside lithium batteries. they're called dendrites, and the formations can cause short circuits. the lithium batteries caught fire on past dreamliner jets. an update now on a seemingly never-ending carnival cruse. conditions are worsening for passengers stuck on this disabled triumph cruise ship. it's adrift in the gulf of mexico after a fire in the engine room knocked out the ship's propulsion system on sunday. running water, food and bathroom facilities are all severly limited for the more than 4,000 people on board. the ceo of carnival says the ship will be towed by tug boat to a port in mobile, alabama, tomorrow. t
in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a federal government wants -- the federal government wants to shut down harbor -- >>> a crippled cruise liner finally made it to port tonight. the carnival ship triumph docked about three hours ago in mobile alabama and passengers are disembarking. i imagine they're pretty happy. >> absolutely. you know this ship was inching in through this channel, it took several hours. but when you could final see it. when this passenger could see this dock they absolutely erupted in celebration. so did the people on the ground here on the dock. several of the passengers family members came to greet them and so did carnival's ceo jerry cayhill and he said he was going to get on that boat before anyone left and apologize to those passengers for what happened. >> reporter: cheers erupted at the carnival triumph when it reached port. >> it was an incredible excellent crew. >> reporter: passengers have detailed wretched conditions after a fire knocked out system and left the triumph adrift. >> the smell has accumulated. i mean it's horrid. >> reporter:
and forging a government id. >>> meantime the authorities say a 3-day long search at the home if santa clara is ending tonight. bomb squad teams left the home on humble way. >>> the walnut creek police department says it wants to take drastic measures to address a shortage of officers. some detectives have had to put investigations on hold in order to go out and patrol. the department says it is funded to have 76 officers and authorized to hire up to 80. right now, there are only 65 officers on the roster. >> a lot of competition. and, part of that competition has better pay and benefits. because of that we are losing some applicants to other agencies. >> the city leaders say the idea of increasing pay and benefits has not been formally proposed to the city council. san jose police are reporting a spike in the city's crime rate. new numbers show total crime last year went up 27%. the biggest increases are in property crimes, up more than 27% compared to 2011. also on the rise, homicide which reached a 20 year high. the police say they are working on increasing patrols but experiencing a staf
. tonight the government says islamic mil -- militants are believed to be responsible. >>> and in italy it was the battle of the oranges, the orange throwing fest is part of an ancient six day carnival that commemorate it is city's defiance against a 12th century tyrant who tried to rape a commoner on eve of her wedding. well the woman ended up decapitating that ruler and the oranges, a symbol of his head. >>> the monks encouraged those gathered to try to remember the powerrer of mindfulness, to nourish the seeds of compassion. >>> in melbourne australia thousands took part of the celebration. it's the year of the water snake. this year is also the year of the black snake, a year that some say can bring unexpected changes. that is why some warn it's important to make careful plans and be cautious throughout this year. >>> a warning for bay area drivers tonight, the road work happening right now on a major freeway. >>> plus preparing for the worse. the reason why helicopters, ambulances and the military descended on one east bay city. >>> mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, n
the government to regulate benches like it does tobacco. the center for science and public interest filed a petition today with the food and drug administration. the group wants the fda to identify a safe level for added sugars in beverages such as soda. >> beverages has a single largest source of added sugars in the american diet. >> there are more people in america that are overweight and clinically obese than there are who are normal weight. >> the fda classified added sugar that's generally recognized as safe, but the cspi says the ingredients are harmful when drinkers overindulge. americans are actually consuming fewer callys from sugary drinks than they were one decade ago. >>> the disabled cruze ship being towed to alabama now xupted to arrive tomorrow amp. carnival acknowledged other mechanical problems before sunday's engine fire. some 4,000 people on board have complained about limited food and say bathrooms aren't working. carnival also cancelled a dozen cruzes on the ship while repairs are done. it's also arranging for charter flights and hotel rooms for the passengers once th
forces usually men in their homes. >>> in venezuela, the government released the first pictures of president chavez. hugo sanchez is seen smiling with his daughters next to him. the pictures were taken in cuba where he's recovering from surgery and complications. >>> for the first time a new study by gallop maps out where gays and lesbians live. washington, d.c. came in with 10% with those asked saying they were gay, lesbian and gay. california hat 4%. oregon and vermont had 5%. north dakota had the lowest at 1.7%. >>> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the return of rain. he's back with his complete >>> spring is in the air in scottsdale arizona where the world champion san francisco giants are set to hold their first full squad work out tomorrow. ktvu's fred inglis is already there and tells us so are many giant fans. >> reporter: it's difficult to look ahead when scottdale stadium reminds you so much of the past. >> it's just a great sport. it's so much fun to watch. the guys are obviously so hot and attractive. the giants are the greatest team in the world. >> repo
and go and explore them. >> reporter: the region's govern estimates the damage to be in the neighborhood of $33 million, but promises all residents that all the windows bron outland released in next week. in los angeles adam housley, fox news. >>> a san francisco tradition is on the federal budget chopping block. according to the san francisco chronicle the blue angels and possibly fleet week may be canceled if automatic spending cuts known as sequestration are plimpted march implemented march 1st. an e-mail last month warning funds would be slashed for the blue angels if those cuts bring in. >>> authorities cited three restaurants in and around sonoma during an alcohol stung. roundtable pizza, hot monk tavern and pizzeria capri were all cited for selling to be able underaged minor decoys. they are all forwarded to the alcoholic beverage control for allegessed violations. >>> the marin reports that crews are using pile drivers to begin construction on the 136,000 store. the noisy portion of this process is expected to be completed this month. a target spokeswoman says the construction ti
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11